Benefits of installing a storm or screen door

A storm or screen door is a rather inexpensive way to add value and comfort to your home.  Here in Wisconsin, temperatures vary widely throughout the four seasons. Harsh winters to hot humid summers and everything in between are all part of living in our beautiful state.  For each of these seasons, a storm door plays an important role in your house. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of installing a storm door on your home.

  • A storm door protects the primary entry doors.   Whether it’s your main front entry door, side door, or even sliding patio door, adding a storm door will protect those entry doors from the frequent elements such as rain, snow, sunlight and bugs to name a few. Entry doors can be very expensive. It makes sense to protect your investment by combining a storm door with your main entry door as a front line defense.   More than ever before, storm doors come in a vast array of styles and choices to suit the needs of each individual entryway.  From full view glass/screen panels, to retractable screen away systems, security doors, french doors, sliding patio doors, or even pet access doors, there is storm for just about any need. 
  • Storm doors provide ventilation.  After a long Wisconsin Winter there is nothing better than when Spring finally shows up to enjoy that delightful breeze flowing through the house.  With a few exceptions, storm doors exhibit some sort of ventilation system on them. We have come across houses, and more commonly condominiums and apartments, that have had inadequate ventilation due to lack of windows, shared walls, or simply what direction the building was situated.  Many customers of ours decided to have them installed for ventilation purposes alone, even installing them on a garage entry door that doesn’t have to endure the weather.  
  • Storm doors offer added security.  Most storm doors have a locking mechanism.  Higher end models supply deadbolt systems with keyed locks. Further yet, security storm doors made of steel are even available.  Most criminals like to choose easy targets.  A locked storm door can deter a criminal from even wanting to proceed any further from breaking in.  Also, it can be convenient when small children are present and ventilation or light filtering are desired by keeping the main exterior door open and locking the storm door for peace of mind.
  • Energy efficiency.  There are many factors that contribute to making a home energy efficient.  The shell of your home is where it begins. The first and easiest place to check are your windows and doors.  If you can feel air coming through them when they are shut there is a good chance the seals are bad or are simply not sealed properly.  If you have tried to remedy this with no success, adding a storm door or storm window can usually solve the problem. While adding a storm door and windows is not the end all/be all answer to home energy efficiency,  it will make a difference, especially on those extremely cold windy days.  Inversely, if your entry door gets alot of sun, you may consider ordering your storm door with Low-e coating on the glass to reflect harmful UV rays away from your entry door.  If there are too many hours of direct sunlight on your main entry door, it is also advised to ventilate the storm door to avoid high heat build up between the two doors. 
  •  Curb appeal and property value.  The front entryway door leaves the very first impression on your guests or potential buyers. Storm doors have made huge strides in the last 10 years improving both function and elegance.  Modern functional features such as concealed closers, smooth operating screen away ventilating systems, built-in mini blinds, and foot activated hold open features are a few of the main improvements added to your present day storm door.  Couple that with the elegant look and abundance of paint and hardware finishes available on today’s storm doors and you will undoubtedly add value and satisfaction to your home.
  • Added visibility and light.  If your entry door is solid or does not contain a full view glass panel, a storm door can be an easy and excellent solution to shed some light on a hallway or foyer.  It makes the house feel more open and inviting as well.  Also, it’s a smart way to be on the lookout for arriving guests, deliveries, or your children playing outside.  

We feel these are the main reasons for installing a storm door on your house.    It’s one of those items on your house that provides both practical functionality married with personal satisfaction and convenience.   

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