Total Glass specializes in commercial and residential glass replacement.  We can replace just the glass, saving customers from replacing the whole window frame.

Insulated Glass Repair (Foggy Window Repair)

Insulated glass units are two pieces of glass sealed together around a spacer forming an airspace between the panes.  If the seal fails, it allows air to enter the unit, resulting in moisture and condensation forming between the panes reducing visibility or a “fogged” appearance.  In most cases these insulated glass units can be removed and replaced restoring the clarity and performance of the window.  This, in turn, will save a considerable amount of money by not having to replace the entire window.

Low-E (Low Emissivity) and Argon Gas

The addition of Low-e coating and argon gas adds energy performance to insulated glass units.  Low-e coating improves energy efficiency by keeping warm air in during winter and reflecting UV light and heat rays out during summer.  Low- e can reduce heat transfer by up to 60% over a non low-e unit. Argon gas has a greater density than air, so it acts as a better insulator when used in place of air in an insulated unit.  We recommend using both in combination to add the most amount of energy efficiency to your home or business.

Our Insulated Units

At Total Glass we use only high quality units that are made to last.  A majority of units we replace are single sealed and have a poor quality Low-e coating on them.  We use dual sealed units which will prolong the life of the unit, in addition to Cardinal Low-e coating, which is one of the very best Low-e coatings in the business.  All of our insulted glass units are manufactured right here in Wisconsin.  Each unit is custom made to fit into the exact opening of your door or window.  The units are stamped with a manufacturer date and warranted for a minimum of ten years against seal failure.  At Total Glass, we refuse to use anything less than superior quality products.